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8. září 2013 v 12:25 |  deníček
Napiš nebo se zeptej ;)
E-mail: wilhelminawill@seznam.cz
E-mail na mě: V.sovik@seznam.cz
Ask.fm: http://ask.fm/wilhelminawill
Facebook: zatím není, ale přemýšlím, že bych ho založila
Tak to je zatím všechno :)

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Dear Friends! We are glad to introduce you the new project ETHcapital.org, giving the investors 3.5% per day lifetime. All income will go to your wallet every day automatically (also we have manual withdrawal). Open code smart-contract!

<b>Site:</b> <a href=http://www.ethcapital.org/>http://www.ethcapital.org/</a>
<b>smart-contract: </b><a href=https://etherscan.io/address/0x4a7b59efa94626b5ce4842ced3303ca8afd789ac>https://etherscan.io/address/0x4a7b59efa94626b5ce4842ced3303ca8afd789ac</a>

<font color=maroon><b>About project.</b></font>
Etherium Smart-contracts allows to make confidential transactions and agreements among different anonymous sides without any central authority, law system or outer control unit. They make transaction traceable, clear and inconvertible. EthereumCapital is an new generation investment project, based at Etherium Smart-contract. The code of the contract is opened and accessible for viewing for everyone, who is interested in checking of contract fair. The contract code can only execute integrated functions and cannot be changed or deleted. The smart-contract creator cannot affect to the project work, cannot withdraw funds. All operations can be seen at block chain Etherium. Smart-contract will work automatically while it has favorable balance. For participating you should send appointed amount in Etherium at smart-contract address. Smart-contract will register your wallet address and deposit amount. Therefore every day at 12:00 UTC the smart-contract will send payments to your deposit address at amount of 3.5% of your deposit amount.

<b>Our advantages:</b>

<b>Qualified Smart-contract</b>
Our open code smart-contract can be conducted the audit by yourself  or by specialists.

<b>Project work flow chart</b>
Besides of project creation, we pay special attention to its development, according to that our marketing specialists created Project work flow chart, we are in negotiating process with project developers not only at the CIS, but at the Asia-Pacific region and Europe also.

<b>Strong team</b>
Project team: Programmers, SEO-specialists, marketing specialists

<b>Automatic payments.</b>
For our invertors convenience all income will be paid automatically to their wallets every day once a day, but we can provide service of manual withdrawal at any time.

<b>Optimal income. </b>
We are not trying to entice investors with overpowering percentages and rates and conducted the golden mean at amount of 3.5% per day, that gives maximum income and project lifetime

<b>Investor bonuses</b>
The project has stimulating bonuses for the most active investors

<font color=maroon><b>How to invest:</b></font>
<b>Etherium wallet</b>
To start you will need Etherium wallet. The best way for the mobile devices is Trust Wallet, for desktop devices – MetaMask wallet. You can also use another wallets, such as MyEtherWallet, Jaxx.

<b>To invest ETH for 3.5% per day</b>
To transfer ETH from the wallet to the smart-contact address: 0x4a7B59Efa94626b5Ce4842CEd3303ca8afD789ac any amount from 0.01 ETH, the system will register wallet address of the depositor and automatically will assess every 24 hour the 3.5% of the deposited amount. Don’t forget, that for the transaction payments there should me minimum 0.002 ETH at your account. Recommended gas limits: 300000, actual gas price can be get at  ethgasstation.info
*Not allowed to make transaction from the Exchange house, only from your personal ETH wallet. Otherwise all income will got to the Exchange house.

<b>Auto payments</b>
All investors income are made automatically in ETH every day at 11:00 UTC at amount of 3.5% of invested amount to the smart-contract.
Also you can get income manually at any time, via sending 0 ETH to the smart-contract address.
Recommended gas limits: 300000, actual gas price can be get at  ethgasstation.info

Lottery: every 7 days we will hold the lottery, the winner takes 1% of all invested incomes. The chances grow up to your invested ETH percent.
Bonus: every 7 days the bonus of amount of 1% of all invested incomes goes to the most significant investor. Remark: if 2 or more investors have equal incomes, the bonus goes to the first one who invested earlier.

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121 JamesShach JamesShach | E-mail | Web | Dnes v 11:02 | Reagovat

There has to be a means you are able to remove me from that service? Cheers!

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